Certificates are earned through the attendance of EACH class or module. Classroom experiences are to be varied based upon the student/attendee interests as those change over time. The seasoned DC isn’t concerned with the same experiences as a new graduate. Our goal will be to support BOTH by offering multiple venues consisting of a basic lecture room environment, gym / weightroom lectures, and our PINNACLE experience in Live-Fire sessions at National & International StrongMan competitions. Each Certificate will apply for CEUs through the International Chiropractors Association (additional fee to the ICA), be held by MCM, and OFFICIALLY recognized by Strongman Organizations such as United States Strongman, Inc. (USA), Official Strongman Games, Official Strongman and Giants Live (International). Certificates will be applied to the total hours required for actual Certification if the attendee wishes. Each attendee will be featured on our website for athletes, promoters, trainers, gym owners, etc. to refer to for requests of service to their events or venues for 6 months without another course required on www.StrongmanDoc.World 


Designation of cMCM

Certification in McDougle Chiropractic Methods with the designation of cMCM may be attained through the acquisition of 150 classroom hours plus 150 training hours (300 hours total). There will be a clear delineation of hours and events attended. Post-Graduate courses for most Certifications (100-200 hours) and Diplomate status’ (300 hours) often have textbook and scholastic procedures that resemble classic education models. The outcome assessment measures in these typical course structures are also classical in methodology including but not limited to text, classroom, theory, structure, and standardized testing. Our procedures will depart from both classical and contemporary education methods and venture into the practical and functional aspects of learning or “hands-on”. This method was standardized in the 70’s and 80’s and produced some of the most competent nursing staff, for example, those that were sought out for their clinical prowess. “Education” has moved away from efficiency, effectiveness, and methodologies into memorization, focus on test taking, and standardized check box applications. The outcome goals for this Certification and the Fellowship programs are to develop the most prolific clinical experts in critical clinical thinking with reproducible application of skill sets. Methods of measuring success will be practical based. The patient/athlete isn’t interested in what the Chiropractor has memorized in times of crisis, but what they can do to enhance performance now! No, not in a week, but at the very moment where thousands of dollars may be at risk, and that person needs the aid of a skilled professional to accomplish that task with the least risk to both parties.

For these reasons and more, an equal number of hours for classroom and real, non-scripted patient care are essential to our learning processes. The primary reason for this departure is to ensure the best on-site care strategies for the protection of both Doctor and Patient/Athlete during competition or in the office setting. Simultaneously offering efficient, effective, and proven care applications for enhanced performance. 

Maintenance of the cMCM once attained will require $150 annually and volunteering once a year at a supervised training event in concert with a National / International event.  Maintenance of the FMCM will require attendance every two years at the MCM conference and / or supervised training in concert with a National / International event. FMCM also is required to submit case studies (at least one) annually for submission into the future literature for further expansion of educational materials for the next generation of Chiropractors. Fellows may also be requested to be a part of the educational lecture series and training sessions as experts in Chiropractic to perpetuate learning opportunities.

Certificates will be applied to the total hours required for actual Certification. Each attendee will be featured on our website for athletes, promoters, trainers, gym owners, etc. to refer to for requests of service to their events or basd upon the aforementioned on www.StrongmanDoc.World 


Flagship Designation of FMCM

This designation is the MOST challenging and demanding of all of the options! Fellow of McDougle Chiropractic Methods with the designation of FMCM may be attained through accumulation of supervised training in sports and complex chiropractic applications “in-house” as well as during a wide variety of competition venues in and outside of strength sports to ensure the most complete educational and experiential clinical presentations from patients traveling locally to internationally. Our patient base is looking for answers to the most difficult of conditions after failing to do so in both D.C. and other allied health clinics. Centered around the Chiropractic adjustment, the student/Fellow will learn to process those in trouble and deliver appropriate measures for proper interpretation and execution of solutions for the betterment of our patients. These in-house measures will be applied in the clinical setting whereas the combination of radiographic and palpatory findings will be instilled in such a way, that the Fellow may interpret patient presentations more effectively with consistent and predictable responses to care. Considering these specific features and more, the Fellow will use what many call evidence-based care processes. Additionally, the same experiences as detailed in the Certificate and Certification requirements are added as sub-sections to the Fellowship program. This purpose is to further the knowledge foundation to validate processes and to ensure the development of the best Chiropractors in the World that focus on the surgical precision of their Chiropractic adjusting skills. The elevation of the Chiropractic adjustment and its results will also provide the reasonable expectation of a premium fee schedule due to expertice and dedication to learning on the patient’s behalf. The program is three (3) years in duration with a minimum of 30 hours a week (4,500 hours) dedicated to all aspects of the clinical experience. Presently, this is not financed through any post-graduate funding in student loans nor is this a paid position currently. However, long term goals exist to develop the program towards that end. Payment for education to the Fellow will be in trade for hours submitted and development of the program itself.

During the Fellowship program, the candidate will be challenged daily to think "outside the box" and critically to fullfill the successful applications to difficult patient presentations. These are more than just "grand rounds" due to the nature of personal integration of useful applications on a daily basis by the candidate. Testing is daily even though the process will be predominately hands-on. The candidate upon FMCM designation with receive a Fellowship Diploma to signify their elevated stature amongst their peers.

Compilation of Hours:


Compilation of Hours:

 The hours will indeed overlap and each lecture will continue to morph based upon lecture engagement from the attendees and questions that arise during each presentation. The education process will act as a living entity in that with more interaction, the processes, procedures, and information will advance as the demand requires. Scheduling is always an issue when attempting to coordinate with the attendees and lecture focus regardless of location. As is the natural course of events, insertion into each program presentation may be similar although not exactly the same and may include additional information as suggested. Our purpose is to prepare the attendees for patient/athlete engagements of all kinds and create a learning environment that allows for useable skill set acquisition at every event. Repetition is key during any learning process and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the attendees receive useable information. 


*No Refunds on Purchases Policy due to advanced expenses of set-up / travel expenses / location aquisition / materials - equipment transport costs / advanced CEU approval expenses / etc.