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In the journey of life, sometimes pain and discomfort with every day activities can become roadblocks. Here at IN-Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. / Indiana Scoliosis Specialists, we're committed to helping you overcome these hurdles. Our expert team is ready and waiting to assist you with a comprehensive range of EPC and individualized chiropractic services, tailored to your unique needs.



Experience the Benefits of Experienced Performance Based Chiropractic Care

Here's how our tailored services can make a positive impact on your health.

Struggling with a lack of results or care that seems to be cookie-cutter?

That doesn't work for the Professional Athletes either. Analysis, Plan, and then Implementation is our process!

At IN-Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. / Indiana Scoliosis Specialists, we are committed to your specific journey towards better function. With our experienced team and personalized approach to Chiropractic care with our Elite Perfomance Concept (EPC), we strive to address the root of your decreased ability to perform like the good ole days, discover why the discomfort exists, and not just focus on those nagging symptoms. Located in the heart of Fishers, IN, we are your local partner in achieving a pain-free, healthier lifestyle through Chiropractic centered processes that save you valuable time and money - offered by skilled providers.

In a time where we are bombarded with advertisements that say even a frying pan has "changed my life", consumers have no idea what actually IS true! Here at IN Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc, we see patients who literally have been everywhere to find aid for their complex conditions - then, WE GET IT DONE! Believe it or not, we are the office that our colleagues visit when THEY are in trouble, and the office they SEND their most DIFFICULT cases when they run out of ideas to help their PATIENTS! We love partnering with our colleagues and welcome their Chiropractic Family as if our own, then send them back for the maintenance program that fits. We're the professionals people can rely on for Chiropractic centered treatments in Fishers, IN and beyond.

REMEMBER, you always have a choice. Will you BEGIN your Chiropractic journey in OUR office, or will you just END UP HERE anyway after wasting so much time and money? Don't be sad, BE SUCCESSFUL!


Meet Your Dedicated Chiropractic Doctor

At IN- Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. / Indiana Scoliosis Specialists, we're proud to introduce our experienced Chiropractor; Dr. Todd McDougle

Dr. Todd McDougle, an industrial accident survivor, Chiropractic Technique Innovator, and Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association, uses his unique pespectives and skills to help athletes and patients from all walks of life excel and maintain a higher level of personal performance. As Founder and CEO, his continued dedication and innovative approaches have made him a significant part of our client's consistent success.

On average, patients have been to five other chiropractors before finding a solution in our office. Often, these same patients have also done numerous rounds of physical therapy, massage variations, and even medical consultations and procedures costing several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether your needs are general back pain, sports-related, or complex, this IS the office to acquire an understanding of your condition resulting in a solution that actually can get your life back on track! This website has been designed to help you begin your journey back to health rather than be at the end of a long chain of failures. Give us a call today to schedule chiropractic treatment in Fishers, IN!


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Welcome to Our Wellness Center

IN Chiropractic & Wellness Provides The Patient/Client With A Series Of Processes That Are Centered Around The Chiropractic Adjustment.

The chiropractic adjustment methodology utilized in this office was developed by Dr. Todd McDougle after literally years of experimentation on strength athletes. The technique was designed to enhance their ability to recuperate faster and gain strength immediately post-treatment. In essence, the idea was to avoid the post-adjustment sensation of being “sprung” as noted by many athletes following the standard side posture applications prevalent in chiropractic offices worldwide.

The side posture method has been a successful staple in chiropractic for generations. Over time, there needed to be an adaptation for specific applications and situations that required preservation of the Hoffman’s reflex. In other words, it was time for chiropractic to have some advancements; and Dr. McDougle, through years of working with the top strength athletes has discovered that vehicle.

Now after many decades of refinement, these same methods are available and successfully applied to patients of all ages, dysfunctions, and even the needs of post-surgical patients. These specialized Chiropractic applications are not just for athletes anymore!


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