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Dr. Todd McDougle

B.S., D.C., F.I.C.A.


Dr. Todd McDougle, B.S., D.C., F.I.C.A. a ’97 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, has made a career out of overcoming big challenges. He started his career by working his way through college after a severe debilitating injury. Prior to Chiropractic college, he took a job at a local foundry, and it was there that tragedy struck in 1988, when his arm was caught in a sand reclaimer. “I was stuck in that machine for eight minutes,” explained Dr. McDougle. “It basically filleted my arm.”

“I almost lost my arm. I spent months in the hospital fighting infection and willing my fingers to move,” said Dr. McDougle. “I would concentrate so hard that I’d be panting and sweating like a weightlifter.” Eventually, Dr. McDougle persuaded his doctors not to amputate his arm by moving his thumb just the slightest bit. Encouraged by his progress, his doctors instead performed reconstructive surgery, using muscles from his back to restore function to his arm and hand.

Dr. McDougle continues to overcome big challenges by thinking outside the box. When he began working with the International World Strongest Man competitors in the late 90’s, he developed his own dynamic pelvic chiropractic adjustment technique to help these unique and powerful athletes not only meet but often exceed their performance goals in the competition. Over time he’s seen “the McDougle method” of adjusting help athletes of all kinds improve their performance.

In addition to his thriving chiropractic and sports medicine practice in Indiana, and the expansion and marketing of “the McDougle method” of chiropractic adjustments, Dr. McDougle had also participated in a study evaluating a dynamic assessment technology from Active Technologies known at the Dynamic Gaitforce™ Assessment. The resulting data not only showcases the precision and application of this new technology but also provides further evidence for the effectiveness of Dr. McDougle’s dynamic pelvic chiropractic adjustment technique. It’s a rewarding time for an overcomer like Dr. McDougle. Here’s the link if you might be interested:

With these experiences and so many more, Dr. McDougle or “Doctor Todd” as most of his patients refer to him, is willing and able to do everything in his power to ensure the most successful results in enhancing your performance! #StrongmanDoc

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