Scoliosis Care is Different

According to Becker Labs & Scoliosis Specialists, there are over 40 variations of scoliosis presentations! Even if one version looks like another, the response to treatment and the type of treatment application has to be completely unique to each individual. Not every Chiropractor understands this fact due to no formalized / standardized training for Chiropractors in college - ONLY post-graduate programs exist of varying types! This further muddies the waters of understanding for those with scoliosis.


With decades of experience, our Doctor has become highly skilled in providing effective Chiropractic Centered Scoliosis Care to enhance your posture and / or comfort. The Chiropractic applications are different than the interpretations & services offered by Medical Doctors & Physical Therapists! What distinguishes our office is the experienced Chiropractic care and procedures that offer real solutions for those that wish to remain active and competitive. With more than 40 types of spinal variations of scoliosis, we have helped so many patients using several processes such as:

Why IN Chiropractic & Wellness?

We are Focused on Outcomes

At IN Chiropractic & Wellness we offer solutions for those who wish to remain active and competitive even with spinal variations such as scoliosis. Our Scoliosis Chiropractic experts will work with you to set goals that align with your body and its unique treatment needs. Our agile and data-driven treatment plans reflect your body’s direct response using unique chiropractic-oriented measurements, assessments, and objective indicators. These attributes allow our highly skilled team to provide effective scoliosis chiropractic care to enhance your posture and / or comfort. 


Meet Doctor McDougle

Dr. McDougle provides treatments BOTH in the office & the heat of International Competitions! For almost 3 decades, his unique approach has been providing patients with results in even the most difficult cases.

Dr. McDougle has been a Certifed Spinecor Brace Specialist as of 2008 via Becker Labs. Through this extensive training and experiences with the scoliosis brace applications, it became apparent that with in excess of 40 types of scoliosis presentations, Chiropractic care for patients with scoliosis indeed needed to be more specialized.

Through extensive knowledge gained by years in the strength sports world combined with rare experiences with post-polio victims, Dr. McDougle has discovered that problems for scoliosis patients involve more than just the spine. Each person is different in age and complexity as are the Chiropractic centered procedures which are based upon these unusual needs. A honed set of skills complemented with measured treatment protocols are the only way to expect a positive response to appropriate chiropractic care applications.



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