Upon my 1997 graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic, I had no idea of the adventures that would follow. Old relationships had rekindled from my past in Indiana just prior to graduating at a bodybuilding event in Warsaw, Indiana while competing at a rather large A.N.P.P.C. competition produced by old friend Joe Klemczewski, now known as the Diet Doc. With 60+ competitors I was able to at the very least win the Posing Award of the event which offered a very heavy Conan Sword that still sits in the corner to this very day! That evening washed over me with emotion as just a few years earlier, in 1988, I was nearly killed in an industrial accident.

While awaiting the fulfillment of the application process for the Indiana State Police to conclude, and just after separation from the Peru Police Department as a Patrolman, this temporary job at a foundry completely redirected my life. With the haze of silicon sand floating in the air and the lack of protective equipment surrounding the primary rollers for the sand reclaimer for the entire foundry behind me, unknowingly, just one stroke of the broom sucked me in for at least 8 minutes of of a life threatening event! The broom went in and the momentum took me in as well for a real-life version of the coveted strongman event known as the Viking hold. Fortunately my training in Law Enforcement aided in the focus required to stay concious and calm, while the anger of a recent divorce and the attack of this beast forced me into an agressive fight for life that I was determined to win.

The hospital experience after removal of skin for grafts from my thighs and muscles harvested from both latissimus dorsi and nearly half my arm proved challenging as the neurology still resisted re-awakening. A twitch of my thumb after hours and weeks of intensive focus averted removal of my right arm. No longer was my arm held by screws drilled into the bone and raised above me while attached to the IV pole for lack of better option to combat the compartment syndrome. The rotting flesh had been removed and as the swelling reduced, the scars developed between my fingers became more appaent. At now a body weight of 165 pounds at nearly six foot three inches in height, the work to rebuild was about to begin. This became a constant theme in my world - REBUILD.

My life that followed included my wife Brenda, who was one of my nurses, and her children from her previous marriage. Later we would have two more completing what would be known as our family. This family with four children went on the adventure with me called Chiropractic college. Matriculation commencing with 29 credit hours for the Doctorate program then combining a Bachelor of Science degree accumulated up to 48 credit hours per semester. The personal demand of family life was demanding, but overcoming the handicap that I had suffered years before added to the complexities. Forunately I had out-side-the-box professors named Strazewski, Frogley, and Cassioppo blessing me with permission to do things a bit differently. I've not been found boxed in since!

So after graduation, based upon my Grandparents suggesting an Indianapolis suburb, I somehow found myself working with Professional Strongman Athlete Chad Coy, who I call the Chuck Norris of Strongman - He truly has been a behind-the-scenes operator who LITERALLY knows everyone World-wide in the strength sports community. At the time, we had no idea that we discovered a friendship and journey that has lasted now almost 30 years which all began with a question. "Can you figure a way to adjust me that won't make me feel sprung and weak after treatment?" The rest is history!