[Maddie's Too!]


I’m Gretchen, Doc’s right-hand gal!

Let’s start off by saying that I am first and foremost a Mom to 4 amazing kids and 5 adopted kiddos, I am also a Wife to an amazing hard-working man (Jeff) who has his own Well-Drilling business. Personally, I was raised by parents who built a small business up from nothing in our garage, have an amazing brother and his family, and I am also a dog-mom of 2 huskies (With all this, YES, I may be a little CRAZY!).
We grew up in the country where I still live today. I drive an hour to and from work because of how Doc helped our youngest daughter. You see, when she was about 6 months old, we discovered that she had a lot of gastro- intestinal issues and I was told that she also was born with scoliosis - but no specifics of how bad her condition was. It seemed that she and I saw every specialist around and they all had they're own varied opinions, diagnosis, treatments, and procedures. Some told me she had tummy issues because I stopped breast feeding, others blamed her and told me she just refused to use the restroom and the solution was using laxatives and enemas on her- It was awful for us both. As a Mother, I felt helpless and forever in search of a solution for my litle girl.
Let’s skip several years when seemingly, all-of-the-sudden, she couldn’t gain weight and just looked sick. I have a photograph of her weeks before she got really sick and became septic (intestinal) then rushed from our small hospital to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital - she was so very tiny. Upon admission to the Hospital, the attending Doctors inferred that she was receiving inappropriate care by her previous doctors and actually had 12 inches of dead colon / bowel in her system - and it became infected!
Prior to this terrible finding, as a single Mother desperate for aid for my daughter, I had seen every specialist I knew of that was approved through our insurance, from the time she was 6 months old and forward. Some of these doctors were the "best" in gastro-intestinal, some were scoliosis specialists, and I requested help from any type of specialist that I could come up with for answers for her symptoms. After the discovery of her dead-rotten bowels, thankfully they did emergency surgery and were able to save 6 of the 12 inches of bowel and gave her a colostomy bag for 6 months - this was life threatening. Finally, after much healing, she had a colon reattachment followed by a lot of re-learning on healthy eating and was informed of her best food types. (mind you we were in that hospital for most of those 6 months and so there was much To do).
Many years later, I meet Dr. Todd aka #StrongmanDoc at one of my husband’s amateur strongman competitions and during the conversation with him about Maddie and her history of illnesses, he says “I bet her scoliosis is curved at the area causing everything to smash into the nerves innervating her intestines”. I said yes, that’s absolutely what I’ve been fighting for: an answer finally after all these years! Needless to say, I got her into him right away!
There’s much more to this story including his referring her to have rods and screws surgically installed in her back. [FYI: Doc is still able to adjust her because he does x-rays and he is more than willing to work with the surgeons for her best outcome.]
I have been working for Dr. Todd since November of 2021 and signed up because of nothing short of the magic I’ve seen with Maddie and later the rest of my family! I knew I’d see the same consistent outcomes with others too.
My hour drive to and from work everyday has been worth it - even though now construction traffic has become so intolerable! So many scenarios play out from people that have literally come from all over the USA and the World, but the results remain consistent - SUCCESS! He jokes a lot, but is serious about doing the right thing for every person he encounters.
I have watched patients cry after treatment not because he was mean or agressive with treatment, but  due to how good they felt after their very first adjustment!
I have watched people come in, unable to stand straight even with a cane or walker, then rise from the adjusting table after treatment only to  stand up and literally dance - as the finale for their first appointment.
I remember watching one girl get adjusted then shake and shiver from her nervous system resetting itself and even with her severe scoliosis, stood straight up.
I’ve even been witness to many people that had mentally given up on life, but with the help of Dr. Todd McDougle who upon the following of the ICA's X-ray PCCRP Guidelines, then adjusting people with his version of Chiropractic performed in a way I’ve Never seen, had their life-light restored (We hear that from our patients too!).
So, now you know why I am a part of this office experience at IN Chiropractic & Wellness / Indiana Scoliosis Specalists. NOW, you really have to ask yourself -"Why am I not a patient at his office?" Give me a call and let's fix that! I am looking forward to having that conversation with you soon! 317-770-5775 
Gretchen B.