Everyone understands that your time and ours has value, so we offer our expertise in the same manner!


How much is a Life-Change worth to you?

  • Let us be clear, our office is not competing with the the guy down the street - we KNOW our services have VALUE and are time-tested procedures!
  • If you find yourself perusing this website, you're likely at a pivotal point in your life and have run the gauntlet of so many procedures and processes that have consumed your time, life, and finances. We understand.
  • Please understand that now OUR Experts now have to play clean-up and this requires skills and abilities that others have told you that THEY have! So, now let's PROPERLY collect the data WE REQUIRE to do our very best for YOU!
  • If you have reports and files, please bring them to our attention. As this too takes our time to review, charges will be applied as you would expect for your time utilization.

Need Financing Options?

Care Credit May Be an Option

Rarely do we have a health probem when it's a good time for us or when we have a cash surplus - it's just not convenient. In order to help, we have partnered with Care Credit to alleviate some of that financial burden and made it easy to discover if you qualify for their program while in the privacy of your own home. Now, you have the option to pay for your treatment plan in full with the aid of Care Credit and situate the payments to fit your lifestyle and financial ability.