Health is a status not a destination. That status can and does change and without identifying markers which are clues to that status, the athlete / patient can tumble into illness, un-wellness, or disease at a full expression. Our office staff dives into this head-first but from a Chiropractic standpoint. It always amazes observers and fellow Chiropractors that the Chiropractic Adjustment can be so very powerful! Unleashing the fullest expression of life with a "simple" adjustment can't be real? Can it? Watch this video - YOU be the judge!


In our office we like to use the analogy that just because you feel well doesn't mean that you are healthy! Someone that has a log in the eye and doesn't feel it can't deny the log exists. However, that's exactly how many treat their general health that eventually leads to a breakdown in their function, or until the log becomes inconvenient. Assessment measures and detailed evaluations separate a good doctor vs an average one. The more relative data collected with standardized approaches take the difficult presentations into more digestible pieces. This is some of how a doctor becomes skilled along with the exposure to impossible challenges presented by patients that are in a health crisis. The stages of learning come not from just academia, that's the beginning. Advanced education comes from difficult encounters that sharpen the mind of the clinician. Trial and Error are a frequent visitor to the critical thinking Chiropractor, and after nearly 30 years of the "Hard-Stuff", treatment applications appear easy even though it takes many years to master any craft. #STRONGMANDOC

Why IN Chiropractic & Wellness?

Every Chiropractor is the same, RIGHT? -NO !

Our team is highly skilled in providing effective Crisis & Stabilization Chiropractic care to enhance not just your posture and comfort, but your daily function. What distinguishes our offce is the experienced care and procedures through trial and error that have become solutions for those that wish to remain active and competitive even with absolutely no symptoms of pain or disease. Much of what is utilized in our office did not come from academia nor a seminar - we earned every bit of our knowledege in the real world, and its paid off for our clientele.

When a person asks what is the definition of healthy, the response is free from pain and symptoms! Yet, often it's the heart attack that creates a sense of urgency to open up the arteries surgically or a severe and painful episode of low back, neck, extremity, or head pain followed by everything else that DID NOT WORK - before a person becomes a CHIROPRACTIC patient! Let's stop the madness and break the cycle of symptom based care.

As a person handicapped by an industrial accident, Dr. McDougle has concepts that are considered "out-side of the box". No one comes to our offce to "NOT-DO" something! People just want to feel, do, be "normal", and LIVE!


Meet Doctor McDougle

Dr. McDougle presents with experiences BOTH in the office & the heat of International Competitions! He combines this unusual mix with successful outcomes encompassing almost 3 Decades of learning from the most difficult patient cases!

As a Father of 4 and now a Grandfather as well, life just got away! With the toll required to survive many years comes many experiences that were not expected by the guy who years before was invinsible! That indestructible overcomer and overachiever too has had episodes of "hitting the wall"! The price of knowledge and wisdom is time, and old Father-Time is undefeated! Why these thoughts? Well, during those periods of life, Dr. McDougle thrust himself in to so many uncomfortable situations for the acqusition of KNOWLEDGE. With things discovered and learned through those earned lessons, a better man and clinician was forged by the fire - kinda. This is for the benefit of his patients even though a great personal costs at times. Oh the stories,,, but now is a good time to take advantage of what has been achieved and utilize his services and gained perspectives for your HEALTHY OUTCOMES as a patient in our office.

With these thoughts and the ever-looming facts of rising costs to the consumer, cookie-cutter approaches just don't seen fair and are obviously slightly effective. People are not getting what they pay for anymore. Within the Chiropractic Profession, folks don't even know what a Chiropractor is and sadly, even the Chiropractors themselves are confused. So,


Applications or Treatment types are specific to the variety of life stages with expected care and procedures to be different for children, adolescents, and mature adults. Each person is different in age and complexity as are the Chiropractic centered procedures which are based upon these unusual needs.  

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Dr. Todd McDougle

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